Britain’s largest car share network hits Google Play – the nation’s original and largest car share network has launched its official mobile app on Android devices. The free tool can be downloaded on Google Play now, and offers UK drivers and those without access to a car more money-saving freedom than ever before.

It comes on the heels of the UK’s latest rail hike, which sees the price of an open single from London to Manchester hitting a staggering £93*, while the same journey on Liftshare costs around £20. It is now clear that the price of Britain’s public transport is reaching unsustainable levels.
The new Android app empowers Liftshare’s 420,000-plus members with greater visibility and reach, enabling them to quickly post details of their car journeys within a few taps, while those who need a lift can get to destinations with ease.

Not only does this enable car owners to keep their vehicle running at less cost, it provides a shared, social transport option to those struggling to afford rail, taxi or bus fares.


FIND A LIFT – The Liftshare app helps you find cheap spare seats quickly
• Get from A to B for less. Manchester to Birmingham can cost £92 by train. With Liftshare it’s less than £15, and a lot more social too thanks to Facebook log-in functionality.
• Simply enter a destination – your work, a trip to see the family or friends, a music or sports event, and see which drivers are going your way. Book a seat and get ready to save.
• Choose the most-suitable driver using in-app messaging and verified profiles, with user reviews and additional information. Set up Liftshare alerts to be notified of lifts that suit your needs.
• On the day of your lift, reminders and departure updates take the hassle out of travel. Cashless payments can help those strapped for cash at music festivals or sports fixtures get home with ease.
• The app keeps you in control – confirm your payment with one tap when you are happy with your lift, and leave driver reviews to help other members make their choice.

OFFER A LIFT – Offer your spare seats through our app and save big on petrol
• Post details of your journey online and set a fair price using our clear, automatic recommendations. Payment alerts show when passenger funds have cleared.
• Save on the cost of fuel during your regular commute, road trip or driving holiday while meeting like-minded people.
• Using Liftshare doesn’t affect your insurance – as your passenger is helping cover the cost of your existing journey, but not making you a profit. Enjoy peace of mind with our app.
• Your car, your rules: Prefer non-smoking? Don’t like your radio tampered with? Specify rules when posting your journeys for smooth sailing!

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