Book and pay online for your lift

Liftshare, the UK’s largest car-sharing network, has released a new online booking and payment system. They envision a future in where car-sharing is cashless, particularly for one-off journeys, and this is the first step towards it.

Now drivers can post their journeys and select the ‘online payment’ option, so passengers can easily book their seats and pay for them through the platform. Drivers can choose between ‘automatic’ or ‘manual’ confirmation for the booking requests they receive.

Liftshare points out at least 3 benefits of this solution:

1/ Drivers can avoid the awkwardness of asking to be paid at the end of the trip. Besides, if a passenger doesn’t turn up, or cancels at the last minute, the driver still receives a fair compensation (50% of the journey cost).

2/ Passengers can reserve their seats in 3 clicks. Any questions about the journey can be resolved using the usual messaging tool.

3/ Enhanced communications. As part of the new system mobile numbers are now verified and shared with driver and passenger once a booking has been confirmed. Furthermore the number of available seats gets automatically updated, providing extra reassurance to all parties.

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