Our job here is pretty simple: discovering and promoting “amazing startups”.

But, hey, hold on a second: what’s an amazing startup? This is indeed a reasonable question, since we do not have a clear set of criteria to define “amazing”. We just believe that the amazing element might be contained in anything that makes a company feels special. Perhaps it is the team, the need they satisfy, or just the way they do stuff to change the world.

Particularly, and this is why we are different from other magazines and blogs, we know that “amazing” does not require two things:

1/ That your company raised millions in venture capital investment. We are after startups that have a good story and potential, regardless how well backed they are.

2/ You don’t need to be American to join this community. We would like to discover the amazing startups that are changing the rules from the UK, Australia, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Israel, South Africa… Anywhere.

We do love conversation, that’s why we give voice to the crazy ones that are leading these fabulous startup ventures: founders, CEOs, key employees.

Hope you enjoy this magazine and can help us spread the word on all these amazing companies.

(You can read the Spanish version of The Amazing Startup here.)